Why go to a Spiritual Counselor/Life Strategist?

You are:


  • Feeling stressed and unable to see a way around the stress

  • Needing a non-judgemental sounding board

  • Needing to re-focus energies toward positive goals

  • Looking for alternative approaches to 'problems'



What does a Spiritual Counselor/Life Strategist do? 

And what is a session composed of?


  • A Counselor/Strategist listens.  A good listener hears what you say and what you don't say.

  • A session begins with conversation and taking time to get to know the other.

  • Then the listening begins.  The guide listens while the other party tells 'their story'.

  • The next step involves examining 'the story' and discovering the multitude of choices available.

  • The guide then  helps you in establishing a Strategy for Growth, Moving Forward and Finding Success.



How long is a session?  How many sessions are needed?


  • A Counseling/Personal Strategy session is one hour.

  • The number of sessions needed depends on each individual.  Initially, I see people for at least a few sessions and then as needed when issues or concerns arise.



Where is a session held?


  • In-person at The Nook in Davidson

  • By phone or e-mail, so no matter where you are in the world, I can help.

30 Minutess - $125

60 Minutes - $150

4 x 60 Mins - $400

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