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"Who would you be without your story" Byron Katie

What issues are you struggling with? What are the spiritual aspects of what you're telling yourself? Some call the stories in our heads a never-ending tape that keeps repeating; others call it monkey mind or monkey chatter. Whatever it's called, it's based on the stories of our lives.

How many stories of childhood do we repeat to ourselves where we felt hurt, betrayed, stifled, abandoned, unloved? The stories are based on events to which we assigned energies and emotions. Are they true stories? When the story you tell is seen through the lens with which you color everything in and those colors are based on history, how can you be sure of what is true? The more you repeat the same story, the more you give those harmful energies power and perpetuate the pain, drama, hurt.

When you are wanting and hoping that the reality of the moment you are in or were in should be different than they actually are, the stories will be a mess. Each mess will follow you around like a sad puppy needing attention. The workings of the left brain, which records and stores all of our data, will use whatever has happened before to fill in the blanks of whatever is going on in the now. When your thinking includes a great many 'should' sentences, you have given your personal power over to the argument of what isn't! I will explain!

What is - is.....period! When in the moment and looking for whatever is happening to be something other than it is

, you're arguing with the energies that are being expressed, yourself and anyone else involved with you. The energies of the expressions around you belong to the one expressing them. You may choose not to take delivery of their words and actions. After all, they don't belong to you, they're not yours, why accept them as yours?

If you're thinking that someone should be kinder, or quieter, or less annoying, you have left the moment of what is and stepped into what isn't. Why have such a struggle?

Rewrite the old stories so you can erase the automatic reactions of what was, accept what is happening in the moment as an interesting energy without accepting the energy itself and the stories you tell will transform, as will the stress, anxiety and tension of the moment!

If you need help with your re-write - call me! I have rewritten many a story with great success!

Is the story truly yours?

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