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"Whispers Can Be Loud!" M.G. Cook

I have recently joined the ranks of writers having books listed on Amazon. I find that to be amazing! It was always a dream (like since high school) to be a published author. My gratitude to Ingram Elliot ( for choosing my little story (mini-novel, really mini!) for their IE Snaps program. Snaps are books that are easily read and entertaining.

I self-published a sweet and tiny keepsake book called QAC many years ago. QAC is my acronym for Question, Awaken, Choose. It was labeled the smallest personal strategy book you'd ever need. I have cartons of them still stored away.

What's important about the previous paragraph is that the dream didn't fade away just because the world didn't fall at my feet and buy my lovely QAC! It wasn't listed on Amazon to sell as the publicist I'd hired, couldn't make it happen. As I deeply believe there's a reason everything happens, I made my peace with the out lay of money versus the hit that QAC might have been.

So here I am today, having had a publisher like my story enough to go to bat with it and I must say I'm tickled. Being just around the corner from age 70, who could ask for more? Me! I have two more more 'whispers' books on the burner! I hope IE will enjoy them just as much.

By the way, my IE Snaps book is titled "Whispers On The Wind". It's the story of a high school girl who discovers her spiritual and metaphysical gifts, and then applies them to her life. One doesn't need to be 'old' to have wisdom. I hope, if you read this blog, you will go to Amazon and look for me, Marsha G. Cook and my little Whispers On The Wind and perhaps purchase one. My hope in writing such a book, based on my own journey, is to be able to introduce young people to the idea that there is so much more than the illusion we see the world as being.

Remember, you're never to old to make your dreams happen!

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