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What Happens When My Spiritual Bubble is Burst?

"Crisis is a beautiful initiator of the re-ordering process." Dr. Lauren Nappen

Yes life will burst our bubbles. Some think of this as ‘what goes up must come down.’ In these moments it's time to draw on your 'knowing' that the greater consciousness of Spirit is urging us to actively seek harmony. The seeking itself is an act of one's convictions; belief in brighter days to come; observing with greater, deeper understanding, and knowing the highest and best for all is involved. Repeatedly we are shown that the best of times rest in our hearts while the worst of times live in our judgments. Understanding that what is, is, gives each of us a bit of breathing room.

In the collective memory of human-kind (present moment included) there are sacred adventures with waves so big and unexpected that reference points of familiarity get erased, or at best, rearranged beyond recognition. With each adventure comes the question followed by the questing - for a sense of belonging, a feeling of home., a need to feel safe. As we traverse the emotional terrain of digging through the rubble of our burst bubble for anything familiar, we are called forward from the deepest part of ourselves to find new rhythms, new frequencies, and to ask for support from forces beyond our physical reach, to trust with more willingness in all that is unseen.

Every inconvenience, each emotional rip, is a yet to be recognized opportunity to grow and transform. Each bubble that is burst is done in the energy of expansion rather than contraction. Remember, not all bubbles go pop; some float away to the great beyond. You can reach out with your highest self and go beyond as well.

I am available to help you reach for your stars. All you need to is connect! A great first or email!

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