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'What brings us together is what pulls us apart'...

When I arrived home from work, the television was showing the movie Snow White and The Huntsman. There was music in the background. The lyrics were slowly being typed across the screen. The above words caught my eye. 'What brings us together is what pulls us apart'.

As we struggle to traverse the wide gaps between us and them, a situation created for us yet not by many of us, these words rang a loud bell for me and became a part of my evening meditation. The 'norm' today is social distancing due to a virus that hops from one soul to the next, often without symptoms or warning. When there is a crisis, mankind has a tendency to bond over that issue and create change or momentary peace. Such was the case with the September 11, 2001 attacks on American soil. This glue of being of one mind and one heart doesn't seem to last very long.

Now we once again have riots, looting, loss of life in the public arena because fear and anger created an untenable situation and the hurt and rage that always seems to boil just under the surface has come to the fore. There are those who point out that it's okay to gather in the streets to protest and fight, yet not okay to sit together for a meal in a public restaurant. Actually there are many 'sheltered-in-place' that will not gather together with family or friends for fear of spreading or catching something.

The very things that have brought us together, being one with all, is truly tearing us apart. The reason...the 'one thing' has been a facade. The leaders most of us count on to 'keep the peace' are actually destroying it, one day at a time, one sentence at a time, one action at a time. And, because we believe what we think, we are allowing the wedge of us and them to grow.

The time is now to go within, look to what it is you want for your life, the lives of your children and their children, for your neighbor, your friends, your family

and beyond. Hopefully, what you will find within is your inner light, which runs far more deeply than anger and hate. The Light is what will diminish and one day remove fear and judgment. The question is, are you ready to do the work to achieve bringing your light forward?

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