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Today, if you had a magic wand, what would you wish for?

What do you really want? Feel it. See it. Allow it.

Harry Potter…

Harry has a magic wand. So do all of his friends and his foes! You too of the regular 'muggles' people realm have your own magic wand. Now you may be wondering why if you truly own such a wonder, you have never seen or held this enchanted piece of equipment. “Ah-ha,” I say! You have lived with this wondrous gift everyday of your life. Before I reveal what it is, let’s take a walk through the rest of the quote above.

Do you know…

If in this very moment your Joy Guide (JG) were to pop into the room where you are currently reading Silver Threads©, what would this fantasy creature look like? Have you become so serious about life that you have lost this playmate that kept you company as a youngster? OK, once you rediscover your JG, do you know what you would wish for? What do you want? People who win big in their state lottery are faced with this question. What will they do with their winnings? Those with a plan do well. Those who have not planned for this extraordinary event often end that particular journey in bankruptcy court. A staggering 33.3% find they are in this difficult place.

The point here is you need a plan. You need to know what you want. The question above is “What do you really want?” Really, in fact, in truth, for sure – Let’s be clear! A golden lamp with a Genie falls into your hands, your JG pops in and they say, ‘Anything you want right this very moment is yours,’ what are you asking for? World peace is admirable; however, these magic moments are for you and you alone. So, do you know? This is a tough question and one that is most worthy of spending time on and most definitely meditating upon!

In order to move forward in life, it is important for you to be able to answer what in words seems simple, what in reality is quite complicated. One question you might ask is; ‘when I awake each day what thought gives me the most pleasure?’ What makes you smile after you stretch, put your feet on the floor and put yourself in motion? If right now this is not something you can retrieve and answer from your memory banks, it is time to awaken with awareness. A good idea: take several days, perhaps a week, and pay attention to your thoughts as you leave the peace of slumber. As you go through your day, what is it that makes you genuinely light up inside? These things will guide you toward finding what you really want! When you are ready to move on there is “Feel it, See it,

Allow it.”

Your best imagination…

When you decide what would make you happiest, wave your wand (yes, before I finish I will share what that is!) and feel it. Let’s say you choose a new car. Yours is on its last leg or wheel as the case may be. Your poor auto has 300,000 miles on the odometer, it is old enough to bang, clang and shudder as you drive it. You really want/need a new car.

Go to your quiet place, sit peacefully, take three deep, cleansing breaths and feel yourself walking around this shiny, new vehicle. See the color, the style, size, shape, even the price tag. Can you, in your mind’s eye conjure up the scent known as the ‘new car smell’? Does it come with floor mats, a completely computerized dashboard? When you can imagine all this, you are feeling and seeing. Next, do the research that will allow for you to find the best deal; practice comparative shopping, look into loans, trade-in value etc. This too is part of feeling it. Now choose. Are you in the right place and time in life that a new car is feasible? If yes, you have reached the place where you now initiate allowing.

Suppose your wish is to let go of the anger that plagues your days and nights. You may wonder what to do if what you want seems non-physical. This too is something you can feel, see and allow. The process here is more mental, though finding a physical release mechanism is helpful and can be accomplished through meditation and visualization as well as movement. You will need to come to understand how your body feels when you are angry so you will recognize when you are calm. This is unquestionably a physical concept. Feel. What energy is surging through your system when you are fuming and where does that force settle? Once you have focused on this tension you can begin the process of replacing these energies with those that serve you in a way of growth and healing. See yourself relaxed and peaceful in whatever situation you encounter. Anticipate and practice your new reactions. Now allow these fresh behaviors to become the norm!

The big reveal…

Oh dear, I do hope you are not disappointed when you find out what your magic wand is!

Drum roll please…the magic wand that you have had since the moment of birth and will have to the end of your days is … your mind.

You can do so much with this extraordinary, enchanted piece of equipment. You think, make decisions, offer love and peace, experience anger and fear, design, imagine, create, believe, construct, destruct, generate, produce, dream and so much more from your mind.

One last bit of information about your mind. It has been aligned with the Ego. I will save discussing the Ego for another time. Suffice to say that the Ego is your dark side; the negatives, insecurities and fears. You have the power to choose to stay in the light within your mind and release the darkness.

Thank your JG for all the help he or she has provided; claim your wand and begin to practice your magic. Abracadabra one and all!

If you need a bit of support in finding your magic wand or your Joy Guide, call me. 704.516.3198. We'll make magic together!

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