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To be somebody special, all you have to do is believe that you are!

“Open sez-a-me” are the magic words spoken that opened the long hidden cave filled with extraordinary treasure in the story of the Arabian Nights. Do you know what amazing treasure lies buried deep within yourself? Want to go on a treasure hunt, look for your very own magic words? In other words, are you ready to unlock your epiphanies? My own what, you may ask? An epiphany: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding; an ‘aha’ moment.

Have you ever noticed that when you ‘get it’ things become so clear? Where do these ‘aha’ moments come from? Believe it or not, they come from within you; from that long hidden trove of treasure that is your core of wisdom. Everyone has this raw material, though sometimes it simply sits untapped. Did you know that whenever you ask a question, chances are in your favor that you already have the answer? Now we’re not talking about geometry questions. I never had those answers, or if I did, they were so dormant; I could not access them if my life depended on it! We are talking about ‘life’ questions. The ones that you may ask yourself quite often, they are a part of the tape that plays in your head, and a part and parcel of your innate wisdom.. Life questions, the why, why not and where-fore of daily existence.

Remember, when you ask a question, you have the answer, ‘all you have to do is believe.’ Have you ever been in the shower or driving the car and in that moment of quiet, something you have been turning over and over in your mind, something that was quite muddled, suddenly becomes crystal clear and you know what to do? Before you shrug your shoulders in a negative response, pause for a moment in thought. If you cannot remember such an event in your life, could it be that you simply shrugged it off? If you do remember at least one such light bulb moment, the reason is that you found your answer. And, you found the answer because you were ready. Your ‘aha’ moment took place because your head and your heart were in the same place at the same time and you were open to the lesson, accepting of the information and equipped to implement the knowledge.

Why does it seem to take so long for answers to come, you might be wondering? Because you have to be ready; it is as simple as that. There are times when the head seems to have the answer to a problem or is ready to make a decision, and then something makes you question yourself. You have not made the mind and heart connection. The soul is a wonderful teacher and will only allow for an answer to surface when you ‘understand.’ Look at it this way: If you were hired to do a job yet did not have all of the required knowledge, there would be gaps in your output and the job would be less than par. It is the same with the soul. If you are not ready to connect the know-how you have in your mind to the knowing you have in your heart, what will your output be? Please trust that when you are ready, the answers you seek will be available.

The most important element you need for an epiphany to take place is belief in yourself. Trust that you do have the answers and will recognize them when you are ready. Have faith that you are all that you are supposed to be and when the time to grow or change is at hand, you will know. You area already somebody special – believe, make a life choice to awaken to how unique you are. When you are equipped with such knowledge, each day will be a happy vision filled with hope! Imagine the possibilities!

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