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There is One Energy Throughout the Universe, it is Called Unconditional Love. I Am Calling To Say…

“I just called to say I love you, I just called to say I care.” What wonderful Stevie Wonder words! Have you called anyone today and said the love words?

Today is a gift. That is why it is called ‘the present.’ Oh my, it is cliche time. Seriously though, each day we awaken is a gift. It is a chance to get things right, to find a better way. One such better way, is to open up to the many loves surrounding us. How many of us spend lifetimes nourishing the facade we build to keep us safe from the big, bad world? These ‘protective’ walls that we believe keep us out of harm’s way, actually work two ways. They seem to keep the bad out, but they also block the good. Good that can come from us; and good that may come to us.

More often than not, those who have left the ultimate negative impression upon us; have hurt us the most deeply, are our greatest teachers. Trying to block their energies only leads to more forceful lessons, and gives away our power. It is difficult at best to imagine that there may be a positive reason for a heart wrenching hurt, yet there is. Of course, one must search for the bright side. Establishing walls to keep out the ‘baddies’ doesn’t actually work. Whatever your age, take down the walls. They are not worth it. The sad story of the broken egg that could not be put back together makes for a great metaphor. You cannot fall and break if you do not have a wall to fall from. Taking the walls down is a life choice. Once you have made your choice, develop a plan. It is that easy. It is also a lot of work. Trust yourself. Let me repeat that, Trust yourself. You are in charge of your destiny. The king’s horses and men do not have the authority to put any shattered pieces back together – You do. And you can put them back in any way, shape or form you choose. Now that is power!

Let us review…You have decided to tear down your walls. Bravo! You have a plan in place. One that includes forgiveness, self-respect and honoring you; and you have an image in your mind of exactly what you will look like when the process is basically complete. (I say basically, because we never stop growing and learning.) Okay, now what?

It is time to love and be loved! “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand”…Good grief! More lyrics! Okay - Reach out. Let the people in your life know how you feel about them. Every now and then we tell our spouse we love them and get a ‘me too’ in return. That’s too quick, too easy, too un-involved. When you tell your spouse you love them, tell them why. Make eye contact, even touch! Do the same with your children. The words you share will turn into time shared too. You never know what wonderful surprises will come out of those moments.

Do you know someone who needs just a bit of your undivided attention? Are there people in your life who have no idea how special they are to you? Why wait for a special occasion to let them know you care? Create one with heartfelt words, a big smile and a fraction of your time. Why wait until it is too late, and then say to yourself, tinged with regret and sadness, ‘I should have.’

Share a hug and few warm words. Talk about each day being a gift – you have the capacity to wrap it in beautiful ribbons. When you are open you can see the beauty in each relationship in your life; when you have done the work to tear down the walls, you’ll not only give the gift of love, but in turn will attract loving acts to you like a powerful magnet.

Garden walls can be beautiful. Your walls, not so much!

“And I mean it from the bottom of my heart!” That’s the end of the phrase in Mr. Wonder’s song and the end of this essay.

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