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The Spiritual Side of Leadership

"The Best Leaders Have a High Consideration Factor, They Really Care About Their People." by Brian Tracy

Whether you run a business, a group of volunteers or your family, you are the leader. Those around you turn to you for motivation, inspiration and guidance. How you choose to pilot your crew will greatly impact their development and ultimately their success.

Have you discovered it is best to focus on each individual's strength, including your own? Every person arrives in this life with a sacred contract, an agreement to experience all that is needed to learn, expand and grow. When you assume the mantle of leadership, it becomes your mission to serve those around you in the highest and best vibration.

Please understand you cannot take a person's weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Sadly, when we see a weakness, that seems to be what we zoom in on, it becomes the factor we focus upon. How unfair are we being, to ourselves and to those who look to us to mentor, support and love?

Look within and find your strengths. Look about at those you lead and work to discover their sturdiness, gifts, vitality. Once these delights are discovered, place yourself in a position to encourage them. Shine a light on them and watch what happens.

If your time is spent trying to turn a weakness into a strength, you will miss promoting what the individual is actually wonderfully good at; the benefits will pass you both by.

Take the lead, learn to enjoy the best of those around you and allow the rest to slip away quietly. Something to think about!

Walk the Spiritual Walk and Talk Your Best Talk!

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