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The Spiritual Path of Being!

"So you're a little weird? Work it! Different? Own it!" Mandy Hale

Do you want to be part of a herd? Do you want to look like everyone else? Each of us is a reflection of The Divine. With so many beings inhabiting the planet, can you imagine what life would be like if we were all the same, did the same thing everyday, ate the same food everyday? Oh my goodness! I cannot begin to imagine this scenario. Though many a movie director has done their creative best so show us worlds that reflect the answers to these few questions.

I like standing out as unique, maybe even considered weird. It isn't me that thinks I'm weird; it's the people around me who seem to be in discomfort when near me. Interesting. When someone outside of yourself issues forth a judgment that concerns you, they're actually judging themselves. They see you through the lens of their own eyes. Question...when this happens why is it that we take delivery of their negative energy? There is nothing in the words of The Golden Rule or, The Ten Commandments that expresses that we need to absorb the anger, fear, prejudice, hate or sadness (to mention a few) feelings of other people. I've learned, in the school of hard knocks, what other people direct at me, is actually about them.

When I'm teased about my short stature, it isn't me that's uncomfortable. When someone decides I can or cannot 'teach', it's about whether 'they' received what it was 'they' were looking for. I'm always, ALWAYS appreciative when someone offers their opinion, as I know many times expressing how they feel is difficult. When I say thank you for telling me how you feel, I share an energy of gratitude minus


Now we arrive at the place where it's time to question what you're saying to yourself! Which tape plays the most in your head? The one that tells you how special, gifted and bright you are? Or, is it the one that says you'll 'never' _______ (you fill in the blanks); the repeating mantra of not good enough, not lovable?

Time to remember, awaken to, believe that we're all an aspect of The Divine. We all have the ability to shine, express kindness and compassion to all, to manifest and accomplish whatever we desire and most important, to love and be loved.

Let's all 'work it' ... 'be it' ... believe in the exceptional, remarkable, passionate, tender, gracious being you are, we are! We're all one, we're all a part of everything. We're all vibrating, shimmering and resonating. Wouldn't it be extraordinary if we all knew it!

The path your travel, you design. What does your journey look like in your minds eye?

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