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The Illusion of Time

Time is a companion that goes with us on the journey. (Author Unknown)

How do you look at time? Does it happen for you in a straight line? Do you measure it by the moments, the years? Do you categorize it by event?

Do you cherish time, waste it, or perhaps wish it away looking toward the future? Are your days filled with rushing around, doing things you don’t enjoy? Do you pine for the past with rose colored glasses?

What is time? Some of the descriptions found in a dictionary are: A system for distinguishing events; a period with limits; a method for measuring. Okay, how do you see time? It is not a tangible something you hold in your hand. It is probably not on the wrist watch you look at constantly, or, in the big numbers on the face of your cell phone. Could time simply be a mystery? Are we truly supposed to understand it? Maybe it is something we’re supposed to feel, as in feeling love and laughter! Hmmmm. Time to ponder!

Time for a list: There is bath time; bed time; homework time; time to work, time to play; time to make the doughnuts; a time to love, a time for war, a time for peace. Just think about the beautiful words woven into Ecclesiastes. Each ‘time’ listed has something to do with feelings. For instance, bath time is a fuzzy, warm time, one for creating memories with your little ones, or it is time for you to soak away stress. Homework time is filled with challenges, and accomplishment. Then there is a time of war, of peace, love; what emotions do these words invoke?

Once again, the question begs to be asked, ‘how do you see time?’ Without time, do we have memories? Have you ever taken the time to think about it? Will you take a moment now? Is time a gift you are thankful for? Do you awaken each day, expressing your gratitude for having one more chance to get ‘it’ right? Do you see the beginning of a new day as your opportunity to articulate to those in your life how special they are to you; to accomplish a goal; correct a mistake; bring to life a dream?

Ever heard the words, ‘hurry up, no time to waste,’ or something similar? Sounds like an oxymoron. How can rushing through something waste time? When we hustle, the moments we push away may contain something precious that is squandered. Now that’s a waste. How often do we wish away babyhood by wanting the newborn to sleep all night? When we were kids we wanted the school year to end so summer could come; we wanted to be 16, so we could drive. There are so many ways in which our thinking hurries the clock. How many moments have we lost or given away in such thought? Moments that cannot be reclaimed. Wouldn’t it make sense not to waste anymore?

How do we make every moment count? To begin with, stop counting. Must we measure or keep score with everything or everyone in our lives? A healthy answer to that question is a resounding no! How about working on being completely focused in the moment, on the moment. Feelings that are peaceful, profound, or joyous, will begin to emerge. All kinds of positive mind-sets will fill the spaces that used to contain worry, fear or anxiety.

As with all things, allowing time to be, without counting, rushing or pushing is a life choice. A life choice is a profound truth, a nugget of your integrity that resonates within as intensely as the beat of your heart. The decision to make a life choice can be as easy as breathing. Just do it. Decide that time is a precious gift you have been given. Go about your day opening all the presents life has bestowed. Every new moment is a chance to learn, give, enjoy and evolve. What greater gift can you give to yourself and those with whom you share your life?

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