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The Good Old Days / Miracles

“Today is your own special miracle. Only you can decide how it will be lived.

Only you can make it meaningful.” Author Unknown

Forwarding e-mails is a common event these days for us old folks. For the younger generation, it’s all about social media, Face Book, Instagram,Twitter. I am an OLD lady so I will stick with email!

One of those e-mails that seem to make the rounds is the one that reminds us all how easy and great life was if you were born between the years 1930 and 1979. It mentions how we survived being born to mothers who smoked, drank, took aspirin and worst of all ate tuna from a can all while pregnant. It tells how little league had tryouts and not everybody made the team. The e-mail tells us that we had broken bones without law suits. And we had freedom, failure, responsibility and success, all without the advantages of cd’s, dvd’s, ipods/ipads, cell phones, and games to play on hand held devices. Imagine that!

I received one such e-mail recently and by the time I read how many disastrous pitfalls I survived during my childhood I was amazed, and annoyed. The very things we complained about not liking in childhood were the very things that were noted as wonderful. And, many of these things contribute to a lack of a state of ‘good’ health in the present.

Today people are living longer. We are without a doubt made of tough stuff. Yet many ‘elderly’ also have no idea where they are, or, who they are. Dementia, heart disease, and diabetes just to name a few, are very prevalent in those of us who arrived on the scene in the ‘good old days.’

If we did things today the same way our parents did, where and who would we be? Forward movement for society should not include looking over one’s shoulder to see how great the past was. Now, that is not to say that yesterday was not grand in many ways, it was. I wonder though, how living in yesterday allows for us to live in the moment. It is the moment we are in now that counts the most. If we were to take the time in each moment to ask ourselves if we are okay at that very point in time, we would more often than not, find we were, and that would lead to the next moment. There would be so much less to worry about if we actually lived that way. The past would not be able to sneak up on us with unwanted ghosts and the future would be just a moment away, not a scary unknown.

Science and technology are continually evolving, should we the people not be evolving too? I, for one, am thrilled that pregnant women know that smoking and drinking can diminish the purity of the health and well-being of their unborn child. It was a blessing for each of my six children to be able to participate in little league, regardless of talent. As for hand held computers, cell phones and the like, my children grew up without them too; not a big deal! I do not believe they were handicapped because of it. Truthfully, I am not asking!

Life is as good as the choices we make. Focusing on today will contribute far more to our success and happiness than concentrating on the good old days. To continue to grow and evolve, celebrate life in the moment. Can we learn life’s lessons from past experiences? Absolutely! However, if you spend a good amount of your time surfing in the past, what precious moments now, that cannot be recaptured, are you bound to miss? Only you can answer that.

I believe with all my heart that among the most precious and treasured gifts of life there is love, the moment we are in and the freedom to choose how that moment is to be lived.

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