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Silver Threads, Whispers of Wisdom, The Eyes Have It!

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,

but in having new eyes.”     Marcel Proust


The ‘Eyes’ Have It!

 As the weather turns from gray and frosty to warm (okay hot) and color-filled, thoughts turn to ‘getting away,’ and vacations. The world at large beckons. There is so much to see and do ‘out there.’ So we plan our treks and voyages. With the little ones, or, without, with friends and family, in groups or alone, we seek the new, the different. Wherever we plan to go, we want to get away from that which we do and see everyday. We all need a break. We need to get away from over-working; from calendars with too many obligations; get away even from our thoughts! Question, is different definitely better?

Getting away from our thoughts is the most important vacation needed! It does not matter what city, beach or continent we flee to, if we do not clear our thoughts, rest and relaxation will not come. The pleasure of visiting a new place can be quite diminished if the visitor is not 100% present, living as they say, in the moment.

Meditation is one way to clear the mind. Taking even a few moments out of each busy day to breathe deeply, bring our frantic pace to a crawl and simply be with ourselves is an amazing gift. We cannot, however, meditate our way through a vacation. Unless, of course, it is a meditation retreat! There is however, so much more we can do for ourselves to pave our way. We can look at our hectic lives through new eyes.  Do you know though, that we do not always see life through our own eyes?

 As one of the five senses, the eyes are so precious and provide us with so many delightful experiences, yet sight involves so much more. We also see life through our experiences and interactions. Our perception, the filter through which we gaze at life is colored by the many connections that touch us. Through these filters, we make our choices. How do you ‘see’ your life? Do you awful-ize, or beautiful-ize? What would a new pair of eyes do for you? Rather than rely on preconceived filters, try seeing what isbefore you. Here’ is a thought – what is, is! To truly accept such a thought will provide you with brand, new eyes!

When we are insistent as to what should be, or, what could be, rather than focusing on what is before us, we are not recognizing our reality. If, for example, the children are running around, yelling and in general, creating chaos, and you are saying to yourself, ‘they should be quiet, they should be good, they should just sit down,’ you are not seeing what is. What is, is that they are being loud, happy, hale and hardy children. ‘Seeing’ what is, realizing that they are wholesome, spirited and healthy, will help you to calm the chaos without the usual stress. 

Practicing ‘what is’ is the equivalent of having new eyes. And using new eyes takes practice. We have a tendency to ‘see’ things as we want them to be, not as they are. To practice using your new eyes, when a situation arises that instigates a heated reaction, ask yourself, ‘am I seeing what is?’ Is the past creeping into what you are seeing and coloring it?  Can you look at the situation without a preconceived judgment? Stay in the moment to see exactly what you are looking at or experiencing. Taking a deep breath to clear the air is a good idea. Three deep breaths will reset the mind.

The more you do it, the easier it gets. Practice makes perfect! Practice makes permanent. Enjoy using your new eyes. Not only will your vacation this year truly be your best get away, everyday will feel better too!

2 months ago

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