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Resolutions - Life Choices - Love!

What greater joy than to seize all life has to offer as we prepare the way to a new and exciting tomorrow! Ancient Wisdom, Author Unknown

Wishing You A Golden, Adventurous, Engaging Year!

Happy New Year! What follows that line is usually, ‘and my New Year resolution is …”. Each time I hear that said my mind goes right to ‘why, it is resolution time.’ Year after year as we celebrate on December 31, we look toward the year ahead and make very sincere, heartfelt promises to ourselves for improvement. The lose weight; workout at the gym resolution is a big one. Another that tops the list is the quit smoking, live a healthier life pledge. For those of us who are parents we resolve to be more patient with the little ones, especially if they are teens. Even the children get in on the act, promising to be ‘good’ as often as possible. The resolution list is endless. Okay, can we get real here! A New Years’ resolution has the shelf life of uncovered potato salad at a picnic on a 100° day.

Why do we bother? It seems that human nature has determined that we must all work to improve ourselves and our lives and in turn, the lives of our loved ones. What if all the different resolutions could be packaged into just one? And, what if this one particular resolution had the shelf life of at least a lifetime? Wouldn’t that be worthy of one final resolution? What is the secret to being able to roll all our resolutions into one, and then stick to it, you may ask? I will tell you.

The secret resolution is…Are you sure you’re ready? Are you ready to commit to a lifetime of better living; ready to make a life changing choice? That is right; the secret resolution is a life choice. That is it; that is all!

There are times in life that we must take a good, honest look at how the life we are living is progressing. Is happiness the number one emotion you feel each day? Is it reasonable to expect that each day can actually be labeled a terrific day? The answer to that question is a resounding YES! Accomplishing this is as easy as making up your mind to do so. In other words, make a resolution to live your best life.

There are just a few questions that one need ask to accomplish this task. Ladies and Gents, upon awakening each day, ask, ‘what can I do today that will help my mate know how special he or she is in my life?’ Next, gentlemen, ask yourself, ‘what can I do today to insure that my child (children) feel safe and loved by their Dad. Ladies, ask what you can do to help the little ones understand the important place they hold in your heart.’ With the confidence answering these questions will inspire, go out into the world, and if need be, ask what you can do to facilitate a day that will flow as smooth as water off a ducks back. Be sure to put your answers into action. You may be surprised at the level of satisfaction you will feel at the end of the day. There is your encouragement to do it again and again. That is happiness! Choose Love, choose Light…Choose!

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