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Opportunities Are Spiritual Gifts!

Every new challenge widens our horizons, strengthens our self-confidence

and heightens the enjoyment found within discovery. Author Unknown

The following question was part of a conversation I recently had the privilege of participating in. “I have an opportunity to do something I have never done before. What if I try and fail?” Great question! What if! How often is it part of our everyday thoughts? Well here is another, ‘what if you do not try at all?’

Is it fear of failure that prevents a majority of us from stepping outside the lines of our own box? And, who built the box? Words like chance and break are synonyms for the word opportunity. This means when opportunity knocks on your door, you are being given a chance; a break from the ordinary. When the doorbell rings at home, do you run and hide in a dark room? If the door is closed and that proverbial window opens, why not stick your head out and take a deep breath. I truly believe that one of the reasons we awaken each day is that we have something to learn. Learning keeps us alive and alert. It wards off the effects of aging in the brain. So once again, I ask, ‘why not?’

Another question that pops into my head is, ‘why allow a fear of failure to have any power over you?’ Is there really such a thing as failure? Or, is there simply disappointment at things not turning out the way we expect. Oh those nasty expectations, what trouble makers they are! Expectations set us up to fall. Did you notice the previous sentence ended with the word fall, not fail? If, at any given moment, you are giving something your all; if you are learning, working, doing, there cannot possibly be failure. We all fall every now and then. I remember feeling the wrenching pain of failure when after 20 years my first marriage ended. I sat down to reflect on those 20 years. I was basically doing a

postmortem; asking what went wrong, what my role had been and what it was that I needed to learn. It was during this period of evaluation that it dawned on me that I was beating myself up without cause. It came to me that neither my former husband nor I had done something wrong. Change had happened, taken us to different places and we had finally chosen the higher path. There were years of precious memories and six children well on their way toward independence that we had both fostered. Could such a story be labeled as a failure? Things changed and we had the opportunity to do what had never been done before in our families. In our early years, we had promised each other our lives would be lived as a celebration. We both recognized that our particular celebration had come to an end. When there is growth, there is no failure. Though tough, this was definitely a period of growth, learning and living.

Does it matter what you are reaching for? If what you are contemplating is grounded in the positive how could it not be a wonderful experience? If the ride feels a little bumpy, then you are supposed to be learning something. Lastly, the second part of the question is, “What if I try and fail?” We have already exposed the fact that there is no such thing as failure. Well, in my way of thinking there is no such thing as try either. You do or you do not. That is it! When you try to bake a cake, you either get a cake or a mess. I know that simplifies things a great deal, but I am sure you get the point. In whatever you choose to do, give the best of yourself to it, give it your all.

When you have the opportunity to do something you have never done before, stick your head out the window, take a deep breath and reach for the moon. If, per chance you miss it, you will have a handful of stars.

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