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“Isn’t that Special!” Saturday Night Live - Do You Love You?

It has been said, ‘There are no precedents. You are the first you that ever was.’ Can you begin to imagine how extraordinarily special that makes you? There is not another being in the whole world that has your eyes, your sense of humor, your thought processes. Not one! Oh sure, you’re a blend of your parents genes. And therefore, the spitting image of your father or your mother, but you’re not them. It’s their combined DNA that makes you so unique. And, it’s your life experiences that complete that uniqueness. 

From a writer’s point of view, there is but one question that begs to be asked and answered at this point. It is, ‘Do you love you?’ There’s a very old song, called “Love Makes the World Go Round.” How true! It is love that guides all that is. We give love, take it, share it, wish for it, pine for it, and even grieve for the loss of it.

The reason loving you is so important, is that you cannot really give away that which you do not already own. Loving ourselves opens us to truly accepting ourselves, and to having and knowing compassion. If you are not absolutely clear on how precious you are, how can you share such a feeling, or even encourage it with anyone else? There truly is only one you in existence and it is your job, above all other jobs, to honor and respect that. Are you aware that the day you were born, you were perfect? From the moment of your first breath, wasn’t it more than acceptable for you to demand to eat, or to have your diaper changed for your own comfort! Of course it was! If, somewhere along the way you’ve lost that perspective, it’s time to reclaim it. It matters not why or how we lost our perception of perfection, reclaiming it, is a choice. A life choice; one which can bring the life we live to a different echelon.

We are not the sum total of our many, everyday choices. Nor, are we the events that have taken place in our lives. Choices, events, encounters are simply the means by which we discover that which we’re meant to learn. Some things we don’t need to learn are our core values. These values are our truth, we are born with them. They carry the seeds of our integrity, the roots of our beliefs, and dwell deep within us as they are precious and sacred. To access them, all you need do is sit comfortably in a quiet place, close your eyes; take a few deep cleansing breaths and listen for them. Though we sometimes misplace them, we don’t ever lose our core values. By living your principles you’re showing the world that you love, respect and honor you.

Once you embrace a deep appreciation and regard for yourself, you are qualified to share it. Imagine if you will, being ready and able to demonstrate grace and compassion to all with whom you come in contact, and in all that you do. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Have you ever dreamt about being able to bring peace to those around you? Do you aspire to being able to provide those in your life with the tools to discover happiness, security, joy?  By genuinely loving yourself, by recognizing how special you are, you posses the knowledge and the ability to share that gift with those around you, wholeheartedly.  As ‘they’ have been known to say on Saturday Night Live, “Now, isn’t that special!”

2 months ago

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