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“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey.

We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” Steve Covey

Where does your inspiration come from? What is inspiration? According to the Encarta Dictionary: English; it is “something that stimulates the human mind to creative thought, or, to the making of art; it is something or someone who inspires somebody.” Sounds like a lot of words to me. Inspiration is a part of the thread that binds us all together. It is one of the many things that compose that which makes us an element in the universe, a part of all that is.

So, what is my inspiration? Promise you will not laugh; my inspiration is LOVE. Corny - perhaps; but, never-the-less true. The thing that motivates me and inspires me to reach out, to work hard, to write, to share, to practice kindness - plain, old fashioned love. Not Valentine’s Day love, though that is wonderful and romantic, I am talking about the kind of love whose main components are honesty, integrity, respect and reverence for your Self, for life itself. This kind of love has to come from deep inside because it is connected to all the Universe. How do we recognize whether or not we have it, feel it, exercise it?

Let’s start at the very beginning. We are of it. We are born with it. We instinctively know to demand to be fed, ‘changed’ and when the need arises, simply held. We believe the world revolves around us from our first breath. In this instance we have a healthy and honest respect and reverence for our needs. Integrity exists in the fact that we ask only for that which we need. This love that we have for ourselves is not a conscious, thinking love, it simply is.

Now, think about the many times you have been inspired. You find a project, or, a project finds you, and you jump into it with both feet. What a great feeling. Now, take a moment think about your life. Is there something at work that tickles your spirit and makes you hurry to your job? Or, at the end of the day, is your excitement waiting for you at home? Do you give of yourself to your community? Whatever it is that touches you begins with inspiration. It begins with a feeling that causes a sparkle, a glow deep inside. Sounds a lot like love, does it not?

One of the best aspects of inspiration is that it is contagious. When you are enthused about a person, place or thing, those around you will tend to be drawn in to your excitement. That is love. Other descriptive words that apply may be joy, delight, affection, devotion, fondness, dedication, commitment, goodness, the list is almost endless. If you are feeling any of these emotions, you are experiencing love. In that light, you are also feeling inspiration. This inspiration may move you to help those in your community who are less fortunate; it may foster within the need for you to teach, there-by sharing your knowledge and making the world a better place; it may encourage your creative and artistic self. As with the above list, the goodness that comes from the practice of love and inspiration is infinite.

How often are your days weighed down with stress, pressure or frustration? How often must you fight through fatigue, hunger, or deadlines to get the job done? Ever notice how much energy these negative patterns consume and how exhausted you feel? Have you ever asked yourself what is left to give to your family, what is left for you? We push ourselves so hard, work too many hours and drive ourselves in this manner every day. Unfortunately the more we push, the less our inspiration will flow. The energy literally becomes stopped up. Have you ever had a head cold or a stuffy nose that you enjoyed? Hmmm!

Imagine what each day would be like if you approached all that you did from a place of inspiration, of love! You would have unlimited success, extraordinary energy, phenomenal health, and each and every relationship, every interaction would be a precious gift; what you might call an inspiration.

Okay, what is your inspiration? Want give it some thought? What new and inspiring ideas might you set free?!

Inspiration is often found in the delights of nature.

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