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"Food is the most primitive form of comfort." Sheilah Graham Westbrook

With the pandemic in full force, ravaging financial markets of all kinds, keeping people locked indoors, spreading fear, you may have noticed all the lovely social media pictures of freshly made food, baked goodies, casseroles and the like. What better thing to do with time on your hands than to cook up a storm!

The food we prepare for others, with or without recipes, has one ingredient not listed on any recipe card, in any cook book and on any label...that's the ingredient of love.Taking time to nourish the body, nourishes the soul. All of us cooped up at home and cooking up a trove of delicacies are simply showing our love.

Savor every morsel, make the time to be mindful of the flavors, the time, the expertise and most of all the love that you're consuming. We're so used to chomping on our food as quickly as possible to get to the next thing to do on our daily lists. Create a new habit, as a new normal is searched for...relish the moments by slowing them down enough to absorb the love in each and every bite. At family meal times, talk about these newly discovered sensations. Express gratitude for the love and dedication of the one preparing your meal, gratitude for the food on your table! This is comfort at it's finest!

Now this is a picture of LOVE!!

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