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Fear is an Acronym!

Have you ever heard that F.E.A.R. is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real? Fear is an aspect of ones thinking. It is something wee are taught by those we believe too be in authority throughout our lives. The fear that is shared with us isn't real. Think about some of the 'old wives tales' yo heard growing up!

Here are a few I was 'given'. If you eat lunch and go swimming right away, you will get stomach cramps and drown. Breaking a mirror brings you seven years of bad luck. If you watch too much television you will go blind. Really? Really!

Look at your life, is there a reason for the fear you feel? Perhaps there are many fears rolling around in your thinking. Remember our thoughts are things or at the very least have the power to become things. When fear rears its illusory head, look into the moment and ask yourself if you are safe. Then examine the thinking behind the fear and you will discover - you are okay, the thought doesn't even belong to you (it was passed on to you by another who held the fear) and you can rewrite the script, reclaim your power and walk bravely past the moment in which you held the fear.

If what you are feeling is a long held fear, not a thing of the moment, pause and examine where it came from, if the fear is serving some need in your life and if it isn't time to release it and replace it with something bright, positive and refreshing!

Need help releasing those fears...get in touch with me. I've been releasing and helping others do the same for a very long time! Email me at!

The power of The Universe is in your hands, your heart, your mind! Time to use it wisely.

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