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I wrote the following on Instagram this morning, " Experience tells you what you did, what the results were and gives you the information that empowers you to choose whether you want to do it again or change it up. Whatever the experience may be!" Spiritual wisdom...yes!?!

So, experience is defined as 'a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something' ( The operative word in that definition is instance,

as in an instant. If this is the measure of time that an experience takes, why do we carry the energy of the instant with us for countless years?

It only takes a moment to figure out that sticking your finger in an electrical outlet is not a good idea. When that lesson is learned, do you travel through life carrying that moment of shock with you, reliving the energy over and over? I wouldn't! Just as you remove your finger from the outlet, you have the choice to release any experience and its energies from your field of vibration.

Do you have to consider yourself a spiritual person, on a path of divine discovery to be able to pull your finger away from the trauma? Most certainly not! Simply choose to step away from the experience, create some distance and decide if there's a benefit from it, or, if it needs to be set free. You can send the energies back to wherever they came from; you may wish to sincerely allow the vibration to fizzle into nothingness; or, you may choose to write it in a journal to ponder upon at a later date.

Remember, every choice you make holds whatever power you apply to it and you are in charge!

(I wrote about putting your finger in an electrical outlet and finished with the word charge!)

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