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Beginning with the Basics

“You cannot transcend what you do not know; to go beyond yourself, you must know yourself. Your Basic Self, Your Conscious Self, Your Higher Self.”

Sri Nisargandatta Maharaj

Look within.

Who is your Basic Self? He or she is the YOU the world sees; your public self. The basic you is pretty much a work of fiction. Basic is another word for necessary. When interacting with co-workers we do what is necessary; when mingling with extended family we do what we must to keep the peace; the list goes on. What masks do you wear in the many activities of your life? When you are the ‘School’ mom, which face do the others see? When you are playing office manager, doctor, lawyer or Super Person, the role determines the basics. Can you answer these questions: have you reached a level of self-awareness where you know you are disguised in your basic self? Are you cognizant of the energies you are radiating? Is there any possibility that you may be over doing it, zapping yourself more than is needed? This is one of those moments to pause and reflect.

The Conscious Self is the self that watches the basic self in action. This self sometimes hides behind the basic self. If you are having an insecure moment because you are about to take the stage at a business convention; bring a meeting to order; have dinner with the in-laws – that is your conscious self: The basic self will go on with the mask of bravado needed to get through the situation. The conscious self knows your real feelings. Another word for conscious is awake. How awake are you; how familiar with your ‘real’ feelings? When you feel tense, are you aware of the body signals that are silently flashing within you? Those signals are coming from your conscious self. Are you mindful of the many choices you are making each moment of the day? Your conscious self knows. You must tap into this wonderful self knowledge in order to make decisions that are healthy and whole for you and those you love. By allowing your conscious self to be present and in the forefront of your decisions, life is lived at a more connected level. Your ability to stay ‘in the moment’ becomes a natural state of being. The stress you ‘suffer’ so often, will diminish as you allow yourself to be conscious’ of each moment.

The Higher Self is the core of who you are. Have you made this acquaintance? That which you believe in your heart and soul is your higher self. Your faith is here; your connection to God, the universe, Spirit or whatever your belief system is. You tap into your higher self when you perform prayer, or, mediation. Your higher self is the repository for your honor, nobility and truth. How in tune are you with this deeply protected part of yourself? Or, how lost is your higher self in the veil of your basic self? Have you surrendered that which you know in your heart just to get ahead, or get along? Perhaps it is time to reconnect to the wisdom with which you were born - the wisdom of your soul. To become comfortable with the deepest, most protected part of your self and allow this self to exist in the light of day, take a break from your ‘everything else-ness.’ Set aside time to meditate each day. Perhaps as you awaken in the morning, greet the day with a few moments of silence and reflection, and establish your intention for the day. If you find prayer to be soothing, why not create a space in your busy life to pause and practice? This can be done on an individual basis or, as a part of a community. If you would rather travel the path to your higher self on your own, there are many avenues to take, from DVD’s to a plethora of books.

Finding your higher self is a journey. It takes time. Not time that is measured by a clock or a calendar, but in the moments that bring joy to your life because the choices you make are grounded in the concepts that you believe in with all your heart. Imagine if each person on the planet were to connect with and bring forth their higher self, how wondrous the world would be!

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