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“You can overcome any calamity with joy. Yet how can we feel joy when we’re overcome with depression, sadness, hopelessness? Move, Sing, Dance!" Yehuda Berg

Are you kidding?…

I can hear so many minds saying, ‘I feel lousy, how could I possibly want to dance!’ I want you to know I hear you!

I love this quote, especially the move, sing, and dance part! I find when things are not going my way, the more I move, the more I open up and sing, adding a few dance steps here and there, the better I feel. Imagine being in a terrible mood, opening your mouth and belting out a bit of opera, a show tune, or your favorite Mick Jagger or Lady Gaga melody! (Dating myself with these names!) Seems so simple does it not? It could be.

On the other hand, when life has delivered calamity after calamity, disaster, misfortune, challenge upon challenge, who feels like singing and dancing? It takes work. Work to release the negativity so firmly attached to your very being; work to discover there is light in the darkness; work to re-write the script. Shall we begin at the beginning and take this lesson apart?

Always a lesson attached?…

Does every challenge that comes your way contain a lesson to be learned? Can some of the adversity that arrives on your doorstep and rings the bell until you open the door be something that just happens? That is a big question to ask and answer, do things just happen? I will leave it to you to choose the answer to that particular question. We all know I have my opinions.

In any case, ‘things’ happen. There are times in life when it seems as though the only thing you can count on is that something uncomfortable, aggravating, or hurtful will happen, followed by another occurrence, and then some incident or other! (Lessons, Lessons, Lessons!)

Time for a visual – you have a backpack with very sturdy straps that fit solidly over your shoulders; inside the pack are the many uncomfortable, aggravating, hurtful occurrences, each one a different size rock; a heavy, burdensome load to be sure. Okay, now that you have that picture clearly in your mind imagine that you carry the backpack every day in everything that you do, wherever you go, adding additional rocks, large and small, here and there, along the way. After a lifetime of adding and carrying rocks in your backpack you most likely have one heck of a back ache. Might there be a lesson or two in your pack? Do you really want to carry this pack day after day? To make matters worse, you wear it to sleep each night! Do you have a good, clear picture in your mind of this heavy, burdensome, mess?

Moving on…

What to do, what to do! I love those words. A dear friend of mine says them all the time! What to do indeed! How can you begin to empty this backpack? My suggestion, begin by creating a list of what makes you joyful. Create some quiet time, where you can sit alone and reflect on the things in life that bring a smile to your heart and your mind; the events that bring forth a burst of laughter; the sweetness that produces a single, loving tear or an ‘ahhh’ feeling. Be sure to record whatever floats into your thoughts. When you take the time to look over the list you may be delightfully surprised to discover that these bits of joy are a part and parcel of your everyday.

Question: Where do you place a majority of the focus in your life? Is it the challenging situations that consume your thoughts, or, do you acknowledge their existence with grace and move fluidly onto the positive aspects of your life?

When you emphasize the darker facets of life’s energies a measured amount of your energies go down the drain with the darkness. Conversely your desire, intention and action to remain positive increase the bright energies in your life immeasurably. Do you have to sing and dance to accomplish this ‘positivity?’ Perhaps, perhaps not!

Move it or lose it…

On the other hand you do need to incorporate movement of some kind into your daily routine. Walking, hiking, aerobic exercise or weight lifting, rowing, swimming, juggling, rock climbing, sky diving just to name a few are great avenues of movement. When you participate in physical exertion you replace the negative charge of your day and all its attendant problems with a positive charge. This change lightens the load you carry, which in turn provides your heart and mind the space it needs to ‘see’ what is before you from a different perspective.

The emotions that come from the trials of life such as depression, anger, sadness, apathy, hopelessness or feelings of fear, may also be chemical or hormonal. Be sure to speak with a medical professional to eliminate the possibility of a health related issue.

Please read once more the ‘refection’ above and ask yourself if you are doing your best to ‘move’ through life. A song every now and then helps, whether you are the singer or you are listening to something you love; alternatively a happy dance can really improve one’s mood. If you are the one dancing it will make you laugh. If you get to watch one who is performing their happy dance, imagine the grin you will be wearing. You

overcome any calamity that lands on your doorstep, you do have the power. It is all in your attitude, your desire to remain bright and light and in the action you choose to take. As with all things, as written time and again throughout these ’Silver’ writings, from the beginning, it is YOUR choice!

Snoopy always knows when to boogie!

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