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"A human being is a part of the whole..." Albert Einstein

This quote continues with, "called by us 'Universe', a part limited in time and space."

What part of you is limited by your thinking? You are a part and particle of the Universe, and truly, unless you believe they are there, there are no limitations. Challenges abound, they are not the walls that create limits. Fear, anger, the energy of hate are limitations.

Are you ready to shed your limited thinking and expand into being all you are meant to be?

Yes, we are in a 'shelter-in-place' time. We are asked to be socially distant. What does that really mean? It means be aware, be smart, exercise your wisdom! Physically, keep your distance from the public in general. Wear a protective mask and if need be wear gloves. It does not mean disconnect completely from your fellow man!

Are you missing the art of a good hug? Come up with another way to express your joy in a greeting. Find a way to show your caring and compassion that does not include wrapping your arms around someone's body. Is a solid handshake a thing of the past? Perhaps! If we are greeting or meeting one for the first time, why not try looking directly into the eyes of the one across from you and ever so lightly nod in their direction.

The main idea here is for you to remember you ARE a part of everything and everyone on this planet. This does not mean you have to agree with their 'anything'! Just know you are a part of them and they you. Keep you energies in a vibration of caring, compassion and the wisdom of your heart and without a doubt, this knowing of connection

will catch on!

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